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Do Crystals really have the ability to Heal? By Bob Hubbard

Do Crystals really have the ability to Heal?
By Bob Hubbard

New Age Healing has a number of interesting components, many of them based on ideas and information from our ancient past. One of them, is the idea of the healing stone, or using various crystals to cure what ails you.

Crystal healing traces back to various ancient cultures, from ancient Egypt, to China, and beyond. Crystal healers believe that the crystals contain an energy or life force of their own, and can modify and effect your own life energy field.

Specific crystals are used to effect various illnesses and ailments. Amethyst for example might be used to sooth the aches of arthritis, heal your bones and boost your spiritual awareness, while rose quartz is used to calm you and boost your love life. Citrine can increase your self-esteem, while bloodstone will purify you and protect you.

Crystal healers will use stones that are intended to have a positive influence on your main charkas, or energy centers. Each one controls part of your body and have a particular color associated with them. By matching colors, the crystal healer will seek to restore balance thereby improving your physical and mental health.

The big question is however, Does it Work?

There have been few large scientific tests done on the ideas behind crystal healing. Much of the proof cited behind it comes from peoples personal experiences. A study was performed in 1999 by Christopher French of Goldsmiths College, University of London. In this study, 80 volunteers, half male including customers from a New Age store were given either a natural quartz crystal to hold, or a fake crystal made of glass and were asked to report sensations such as tingling, heat, relaxation, and mood change. A follow up experiment was done in 2001. In both cases, there was no meaningful difference between the real and fake stones effects. Those who expected something usually felt it, and those who didn't, didn't.

"The power of suggestion, either explicit or implicit, seems to be the not so mysterious power that may convince many that crystals have the potential to work miracles," Dr. French said.

So, do they work?

The answer is, no, and yes.

So far, there is no scientific proof that they do work, but if you believe they can work, they might.

"Clearly, there is an effect here -- people did react to having a crystal in their hand, whether it was real or not," said Dr. Chris Wiseman of Hertfordshire University who co-authored the study.

So, if you believe they can help you, go right ahead and stock up on quartz and all the rest, or my favorite, turquoise.

Crystal healing all in the mind
Scotsman/March 29, 2001
By John Woodcock and Jennifer Hill

Crystal Healing: The Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals


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