Friday, November 21, 2008

Tip Of The Week : Got a Headache? Try these simple cures

Tip Of The Week : Got a Headache? Try these simple cures

I get some headaches from time to time due to an car accident I was involved in in 2005. Rather than swallow tons of pills that can only cause other problems, I've found several different natural and gentle ways to calm them.

1- Try soft music and slow gentle breathing. Iron Maiden rocks, but those guitar riffs aren't the best thing to listen to when your head is pounding like Niko's drum kit. Instead try Kitaro, or some Peruvian Pan Flute, or even some Brahms. If that's not your bag, try a cd of rain sounds, or waves, or thunderstorms, or waterfall sounds. Then see my article on how to breath for some simple soothing breathing ideas. This often helps me settle the bongo in my skull.

2- Try some Tiger Balm. Rub a little dab on your temples, and the base of your skull/neck area, then relax for a while. The Balm will trigger sometimes trigger your natural pain relieving ability.

3- Try some Yoga. Slow gentle stretching can sometimes work out the kinks that are making your head pound.

4- Ice Pack or Heat Pack across the eyes, temples, and along the neck will sometimes sooth the pain. A hot shower can also sometimes help.

5- Meditate. This can take your mind off the pain.

6- See a chiropractor or acupuncturist. Both can often provide you with a drug free and safe solution.

Remember, if your headache continues for more than a day, you should consider contacting your doctor.

- Bob

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