Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guest Spot: Recognizing a concussion.

Recognizing a concussion.
By Lisa

As martial artists and as coaches of others it is important to recognize the signs of a concussion, management of the Athlete with the concussion.

I figured I would post a quick guide to recognizing and evaluating a concussion. I know of many coaches in all kinds of disciplines that have these simple signs/symptoms and managements on small cards that they carry with them to competitions for quick reference if they are ever needed. Good idea, IMO.

REMEMBER: This is just a guide, if you are ever concerned with an athlete, sit them out of what they are doing and seek medical attention.

A concussion is a result of an injury/trauma that causes a temporary change in mental state. The may be caused by a blow to the head, face or jaw or from a whiplash effect to the neck.

Signs and symptoms to recognize a concussion are:

Dizziness/dazed feeling
seeing starts/feelig "dinged" or stunned
Double or blurry vision
Sensitivity to light
Ringing in ears slepiness/loss of consciousness
poor balance
slow to follow instructions/respond to quesitons
unusual/inappopriate emotions/personality changes

When an athlete shows signs of a concussion they are not to return to play, not to be left alone and should be medically evaluated as soon as possible. They will require regular monitoring for deterioration and should be awaken every 2 ours overnight for the first 24 hours.


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